PHT Rewards Program

The PHT Rewards Program is a way for us to shower you with monthly gift give-a-ways, exclusive offers and fun events to show our appreciation for your business and/or referrals! There are 3 levels to the PHT Rewards Program. First, we have the Silver Level where everyone receives a monthly email with the “Giveaway of the Month.” If it is something you are interested in, just reply to the email as soon as you can because most often there will be a limit on how many giveaways are available. This is NOT a drawing, and NO, you do not need to give us a referral to be in Silver Level.

When you do have a referral, or choose to do business with us again, you automatically become a member of the second level of the PHT Rewards Program, Gold Level. As a Gold Level member, you get your very own PHT Rewards Program Starbucks Card preloaded with $10 on it. And it doesn’t stop there! You will also have an additional $10 loaded onto your card once a month, the first week of the month, for the next 5 months! The perks keep coming, too!! If you send us another referral within 6 months of the last referral, you get an automatic $25 loaded onto your card, and your $10 monthly perk would extend an additional 6 months. Your FREE perks can extend as long as you would like, all you need to do is refer those you know looking to buy, sell, or invest. If you don’t have another referral for us within 6 months of your last referral, you will drop back down to Silver Level and will still be eligible for the “Giveaway of the Month” and fun special events! You can always get back into Gold Level again, just send along another referral!

You reach the exclusive level in the program, Platinum Level, once you have sent us 3 referrals over a twelve (12) month period. At this level, you get everything previously mentioned, as well as invites to exclusive events and top tier rewards!

So, what is a referral? A referral is when you introduce us to someone who is considering buying, selling or investing in real estate and is willing to have a sit down listing appointment or sit down buyer counseling appointment with one of our team members. That’s right...just provide us the name and contact info for your referral and once we meet with them, we will let you know and your reward will be sent. How easy is that??!

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